Mini Revision Tests (MRT) 2023

(8 Sectional Tests, 10 ques each) (Available in Online mode only)

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Why MRT at this moment??

Aspirants who are targeting UPSC 2023 exam, must have done their basic preparation once.As Prelims is scheduled on 28th May,it is the time when students should give a final shape to their answer writing so as to consolidate their mains preparation before going for a Prelims focused studies.
Opting for Mini Revision Tests (MRT) at this moment will help students to revise their syllabus and enrich their answer writing skills. The tests are designed with adequate gap between two sectionsso that entire syllabus gets properly revised in around two months (3rdJan-7th March). Thereafter, the students will get ample time to complete their Prelims Preparation.
Also, if they have done disciplined answer writing under MRT, they will feel confident to resume their mains preparation, once the Prelims gets over.

About the Program:

  • The Program consists of 8 Sectional Tests, 10 questions in each test
  • Duration: 3rd Jan’23 to 7th March’23

Program Objective:

  1. 1) Strengthening of Answer Writing skills
  2. 2) Full revision of syllabus with adequate weightage to all subjects
  3. 3) Content enrichment through insightful approach answers and constructive feedback
  4. 4) Time Management

Program Features:

  • 8 Sectional Tests; consisting 10 questions each
  • Focus to ensure proper revision of entire GS syllabus through sectional break-up
  • Adequate coverage of Current Affairs while framing questions under respective GS tests
  • Quality Evaluation of answer sheets within 2-4 days.
  • Constructive and detailed feedback on content, structure, presentation etc.
  • Standard Questions designed as per recent UPSC pattern.
  • Comprehensive&Insightful Approach Answers
  • Flexibility to attempt tests on any later date as per students’ convenience
  • Good Answers based on various qualitative parameters will be shared for fellow aspirants’ reference
  • Personalised session with mentors for queries related to evaluation and answer enrichment skills
  • Tips and suggestions on enhancement of answer-writing skills by Rank Holders and Experienced Mentors on regular intervals


Full Program (8 Sectional Tests): Rs.1800

Brief Schedule

Mini Revision Tests (8 Sectional Tests, 10 questions each)
Test No. Date GS Paper Test Subject
1 3rd Jan'23 2 Governance, Social Justice & International Relation
2 12th Jan'23 1 Society
3 21st Jan'23 4 Ethics
4 30th Jan'23 3 Internal Security and Science & Technology
5 8th Feb'23 1 History
6 17th Feb'23 1&3 Geography, Environment and Disaster Management
7 26th Feb'23 3 Economy & Agriculture
8 7th March'23 2 Polity & Constitution

Steps to be followed in Mini Revision Tests (MRT) 2023:

  1. 1) Login to
  2. 2) Click on Accomplish Mains→ Mini Revision Tests (MRT) 2023→ Schedule of Questions
  3. 3) Click on the Scheduled Test Date (which you want to attempt) on the calendar
  4. 4) Click on Download Question Paper
  5. 5) Download Question cum Answer booklet (click on ‘Download Q & A Booklet’) or you may use plain A4 sheet for writing answers.
  6. 6) Read the instructions carefully and fill the required credentials correctly in Q & A Booklet. Even if you are using plain A4 sheet for writing test, provide all the details (as mentioned in our booklet) correctly.
  7. 7) Once you complete your test, convert your answer sheet into a PDF file. You may use Document Scanner/Adobe Scanner application for scanning and for converting them into PDF, use small pdf/ I love pdf or any such application.
  8. 8) Please try to compress the PDF before uploading the file for evaluation.
  9. 9) Rename the PDF file as: Full Name_Test No.¬_Date of submitting answer sheet. For e.g. – If your name is ABC, you have written answers of 1st Mini Revision Test and the Date of answer submission is 4th January, 2023, then the PDF file should be renamed as ABC_Test 1_040123
  10. 10) Upload your Answer Sheet (Click on Upload Answer Sheet) on the same page of website (Schedule of Questions)
  11. 11) In case you face any difficulty, you can contact us at 8595852855/9643493743 or drop a mail at
  12. 12) Once the answer gets evaluated, you will receive a mail from our end.
  13. 13) You can download your evaluated answer sheet and view the marks scored on your portal.

About Your Personalised Portal

For your convenience, we have created personalised portal for every registered student. To view your portal:

  1. 1. Go to our website:
  2. 2. Login first and click on ‘Your Profile’ → ‘My Profile’ on the right top corner
  3. 3. Click on Mini Revision Tests (MRT) 2023 on the left panel
  4. 4. You can view all the details of every test such as Evaluated Answers, Marks Scored, Approach Answeretc.


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