Essay Assessment Program (EAP)- 2022

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Unique Features:

  • 1 essay topic at the end of every week (Preferably Saturday)
  • Adequate focus on coverage of different categories of Essays such as Socio-Economic, philosophical etc.
  • Standard Essay Topics as per the recent UPSC pattern.
  • Flexibility to write essay on any day as per students’ convenience.
  • Good Essays based on various qualitative parameters will be shared for fellow aspirants’ reference, whenever our team finds such essays on specific topics.
  • Evaluationwill be done within 24-48 hours.
  • Detailed Feedback including micro-observations and suggestions on introduction, logic and progressive flow of writing, coverage of various dimensions, use of quotes, examples etc.
  • Personalised session with mentors for queries related to evaluation and essay-writing approach.
  • Tips and suggestions on enhancement of essay-writing skills by Rank Holders and Experienced Mentors on regular intervals.

Fee Details:

Duration Weeks Fees (Rs.)
12th June to 10th July'22 5 weeks (After Prelims) 600
12th June to 14th Aug'22 10 weeks (After Prelims) 1200
30th Jan to 14th Aug'22 18 weeks (Full Program) 2000

EAP Schedule:

  • Duration: 18 weeks
  • Topics to be provided on every weekend (Either on Saturday or Sunday)
  • 2 essay choices will be provided, out of which 1 to be written.
  • Starting from 30th Jan’22 to 20th March’22 ( First 8 weeks)
  • Prelims Break of 76 days i.e. from to 21st March to 5th June.
  • Program to be resumed on11th June and will continue till14th Aug’22 (10 weeks)

Steps to be followed in Essay Assessment Program (EAP)

  • 1) Register yourself for the program
  • 2) 2 Topics will be posted in the first half of every Saturday/Sunday on our telegram channel (@DashoVidyaIAS)
  • 3) Student has to attempt any one of the above essay topics
  • 4) Write Essay preferably on DashoVidya’sEssay sheet or students may use plain A4 Sheet with proper margin. Download DashoVidya's Blank Essay Sheet
  • 5) Required credentials (as mentioned in our Essay sheet) must be correctly provided even if students are using plain A4 sheets.
  • 6) Leave initial page blank for feedback and start writing Essay from the next page (Pg 2).
  • 7) Once you complete writing, convert your essay sheet into a PDF file. You may use Document Scanner/Adobe Scanner application for scanning and for converting them into PDF, use Small pdf/ I love pdf.
  • 8) Please try to compress the PDF before sending for evaluation
  • 9) Rename the PDF file as – Full Name_Essay Topic/Theme in short_Date of uploading/posting topic
    For e.g. – If your name is ABC, Essay topic is Technology cannot replace manpower and Date of posting question is 30th January, 2022 then the PDF file should be renamed as ABC_Technology Vs Manpower_300122
  • 10) Send your Essay at for evaluation and detailed feedback
  • 11) Get your evaluated essay within 24-48 hrs at your registered email ID


For further details/clarifications; write us or contact us @ 8595852855


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