Daily Answer Writing Practice – A free Initiative (Based on Current Affairs)


  • Daily 1 question based on Syllabus Affairs (Comprehensive Analysis of Relevant News) posted on our telegram channel
  • Specified Time Limit for submission of answers
  • Evaluation of some answers within 24-48 hours
  • Detailed Feedback on content coverage, structure, presentation techniques etc.
  • Video / Audio Guidance
  • Personalised mentorship and guidance

Note: Syllabus Affairs is comprehensive analysis of one relevant news on a daily basis. To know more about this, kindly Click Here

Steps to follow:

  • Syllabus Affairs (Comprehensive Analysis of Relevant News) along with Mains Question will be posted on every Monday to Friday by 11 AM on our telegram channel Click Here
  • Read the above Syllabus Affairs article thoroughly.
  • You may refer the source link given in the Syllabus Affairs or gather extra information about the news topic from other relevant sources, if you wish to do so
  • Once you are prepared with the topic, attempt the given question.
  • Write answer preferably on DashoVidya’s Answer Sheet, shared in the pinned message on our telegram channel.
  • It is mandatory to mention all the details in the first page of DashoVidya’s Answer Sheet. Therefore, even if, you use plain A4 sheet, use first page from DashoVidya’s Answer Sheet for proper record and future reference.
  • Use only 2 pages for 10 marker question and 3 pages for 15 marker question
  • Submit your answer in PDF on the telegram group Click Here by 11PM on the day of posting question
  • To convert your answer sheet into a PDF file, use document Scanner/Adobe Scanner application for scanning and for converting them into PDF, use small pdf/ I love pdf.
  • Please try to compress the PDF before sending for evaluation
  • Rename the PDF file as – Your Name_Question theme in short_Date of uploading/posting question. For e.g. – If your name is ABC, Question is on Plastic Waste Management and Date of posting question is 29th January, 2022 then the PDF file should be renamed as ABC_Plastic Waste Mgmt_290122
  • Some answers will be evaluated and the same will be posted on the group within 24-48 hours of submission.
  • Audio/video guidance on specific answers/ answer writing approach at regular intervals will be provided.
  • Good Answers on various qualitative parameters, if any, will be mentioned for the purpose of peer learning.
  • You can always contact our mentors in case you have any query related to evaluation, answer writing approach etc.

Expected Outcome :

  • Development of Answer writing skill through daily practice
  • Regular revision of relevant current affairs
  • Peer learning
  • Inculcate the element of discipline and time commitment

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