Daily Answer Assessment Program (DAAP) – Targeted for Mains 2022

Unique Features:

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  • Daily 2 questions (5 days a week)
  • Adequate focus on Static syllabus and Current Affairs as per our schedule
  • Targeted to cover entire GS Syllabus in 18 weeks with prelims break (Refer below for Schedule)
  • Flexibility to write answers on any day as per students’ convenience
  • Standard Questions designed as per recent UPSC pattern.
  • Good Answers based on various qualitative parameters will be shared for fellow aspirants’ reference, whenever our team finds such answers on specific topics
  • Topics scheduled so as to complement prelims preparation too
  • Quality Evaluation within 24-48 hours
  • Detailed Feedback including micro-observations and suggestions on structure, content coverage, presentation techniques, etc.
  • Comprehensive and standard Approach answer for every question
  • Personalised session with mentors for queries related to evaluation and answer approach
  • Tips and suggestions on enhancement of answer-writing skills by Rank Holders and Experienced Mentorson regular intervals
  • Provision of Merit Based Discount (Refer Below) to ensure consistency and good marks

Fee Details:

Duration Weeks Fees (Rs.)
6th June to 10th June'22 1 week (After Prelims) 300 249
6th June to 8th July'22 5 weeks (After Prelims) 1500 1400
6th June to 12th Aug'22 10 weeks (After Prelims) 3000 2800
25th Jan to 12th Aug'22 18 weeks (Full Program) 6000 5000
25th Jan to 18th March'22 8 weeks (Before Prelims) 2400


Targeted for 2022 Mains
Days GS paper Mains Syllabus Topics
Week 1
(26th Jan - Holiday)
25th Jan to 30th Jan GS 3 Economic Development + Science & Technology
Week 2 31st Jan to 4th Feb GS 3 Economic Development + Science & Technology
Week 3 7th Feb to 11th Feb GS 1 Indian Heritage & Culture + Modern History
Week 4 14th Feb to 18th Feb GS 1 & GS 2 Modern History + Polity & Constitution
Week 5 21st Feb to 25th Feb GS 2 & GS 1 Polity & Constitution + Modern History
Week 6 28th Feb to 4th March GS 2 Polity & Constitution + International Relation
Week 7 7th March to 11th March GS 1 & GS 3 Geography + Biodiversity & Environment
Week 8 14th March to 18th March Current Affairs Entirely based on relevant Current Affairs of previous 12 months
78 days break for Prelims (05.06.2022)
Week 9 6th June to 10th June GS 1 Society
Week 10 13th June to 17th June GS 1 Society + Post Independence & World History
Week 11 20th June to 24th June GS 1 Indian Heritage & Culture + Modern History
Week 12 27th June to 1st July GS 1 & GS 3 Geography + Biodiversity & Environment
Week 13 4th July to 8th July GS 4 Ethics 1 (Theory + Case Study)
Week 14 11th July to 15th July GS 2 Governance & Social Justice
Week 15 18th July to 22nd July GS 4 Ethics 2 (Theory + Case Study)
Week 16 25th July to 29th July GS 2 Polity & Constitution + International Relation
Week 17 1st Aug to 5th Aug GS 3 Security + Disaster Management
Week 18 8th Aug to 12th Aug GS 3 Economic Development + Science & Technology


Steps to be followed in Daily Answer Assessment Program (DAAP)

  • 1) Register yourself for the program
  • 2) Daily 2 question will be posted in the first half of scheduled dates on our telegram channel (@DashoVidyaIAS)
  • 3) Write answer preferably on DashoVidya’s answer sheet or students may use plain A4 Sheet with proper margin. Download DashoVidya's Blank Answer Sheet
  • 4) Required credentials (as mentioned in our answer sheet) must be correctly provided even if students are using plain A4 sheets.
  • 5) Leave initial page blank for feedback and start writing answer from the next page (Pg 2).
  • 6) (a) For 10 marks – It is recommended to use only 2 pages.
         (b) For 15 marks- 3 pages can be used.
  • 7) Once you complete writing, convert your answer sheet into a PDF file. You may use Document Scanner/Adobe Scanner application for scanning and for converting them into PDF, use Small pdf/ I love pdf.
  • 8) Please try to compress the PDF before sending for evaluation
  • 9) Rename the PDF file as – Full Name_Question theme in short_Date of uploading/posting question
    For e.g. – If your name is ABC, Question is on Plastic Waste Management and Date of posting question is 29th January, 2022 then the PDF file should be renamed as ABC_Plastic Waste Mgmt_290122
  • 10)Upload your answers on the portal or Send your answer at dashovidya.upsc@gmail.com for evaluation and detailed feedback
  • 11)Get your evaluated answers on your portal or at your registered email ID within 24-48 hrs


For further details/clarifications; write us @dashovidya.upsc@gmail.com or contact us @ 8595852855

Some feedback by our students:

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